22 July 1994 Advanced LWIR HgCdTe detectors for strategic applications
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`The demand for high detectivity LWIR IR focal plane arrays that operate at low backgrounds is shown to drive the HgCdTe technology toward increased detector performance. Reduced operating temperature together with advanced material technology and detector design are presented as solutions. High performance MWIR, MLWIR and LWIR HgCdTe detector test arrays and variable area test structures were recently demonstrated through the joint collaboration of Aerojet Electronic Systems Division and Rockwell International. These devices are based on the innovative buried planar heterostructure (BPH) detector architecture grown by liquid phase epitaxy of HgCdTe on II-VI substrates. The major features of the BPH design include planar geometry, heterostructure wide gap p-type on narrow gap n-type HgCdTe and a buried LWIR electrical junction. Excellent 78K median R(omicron )A performance across the IR spectrum from 5.2 micrometers to 12 micrometers is reported and shown to follow the diffusion trend line. Excellent 40K median R(omicron )A performance for devices with cutoffs ranging from 9 micrometers to 19 micrometers are also presented. LWIR R(omicron )A statistical performance data at both 78K and 40K from fanout test arrays are presented with median R(omicron )A values of 100 ohm-cm2 at 78K and > 106 ohm-cm2 at 40K for cutoffs of 10.4 micrometers and 11.4 micrometers respectively. The 90% test array operability was found to exceed 5 x 105 ohm-cm2 at 40K. Devices with median R(omicron )As of 20 ohm-cm2 at 78K and 7 x 105 ohm-cm2 at 40K were measured for cutoffs of 12 micrometers and 13 micrometers respectively. Uniform and high quantum efficiencies were measured at 40K with a median of approximately equals 70%.
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Edward R. Blazejewski, G. M. Williams, William V. McLevige, A. H.B. Vanderwyck, Dennis E. Edwall, E. R. Gertner, J. Ellsworth, Laura Fishman, Stephen R. Hampton, and Honnavalli R. Vydyanath "Advanced LWIR HgCdTe detectors for strategic applications", Proc. SPIE 2217, Aerial Surveillance Sensing Including Obscured and Underground Object Detection, (22 July 1994); doi: 10.1117/12.179946; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.179946


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