11 November 1994 MOXE x-ray all-sky monitor for the Spectrum X-Gamma
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The MOnitoring X-ray Experiment (MOXE) is an X-ray all-sky monitor to be launched on the Russian Spectrum-X-Gamma satellite. It will monitor several hundred X-ray sources on a daily basis, and will be the first instrument to monitor most of the X-ray sky most of the time. MOXE will alert users of more sensitive instruments on Russia's giant high energy astrophysics observatory and of other instruments to transient activity. MOXE consists of an array of 6 X-ray pinhole cameras, sensitive from 2 to 25 keV, which views 4(pi) steradians (except for a 20 degree(s) X 80 degree(s) patch which includes the Sun). The pinhole apertures of 0.625 X 2.556 cm2 imply an angular resolution of 2 degree(s).4 X 9 degree(s).7 (FWHM on-axis). The flight instrument will mass approximately 118 kg and draw 38 Watts. For a non-focussing all-sky instrument that is limited by sky background, the limiting sensitivity is a function only of detector area. MOXE will, for a 24 hrs exposure, have a sensitivity of approximately 2 mCrab. MOXE distinguishes itself with respect to other all-sky monitors in its high duty cycle, thus having unprecedented sensitivity to transient phenomena with time scales between minutes and hours.
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Jean J. M. in't Zand, Jean J. M. in't Zand, William C. Priedhorsky, William C. Priedhorsky, Calvin E. Moss, Calvin E. Moss, Edward E. Fenimore, Edward E. Fenimore, J. Kevin Black, J. Kevin Black, Richard L. Kelley, Richard L. Kelley, Donald E. Stilwell, Donald E. Stilwell, F. B. Birsa, F. B. Birsa, Konstantin N. Borozdin, Konstantin N. Borozdin, V. A. Arefiev, V. A. Arefiev, } "MOXE x-ray all-sky monitor for the Spectrum X-Gamma", Proc. SPIE 2279, Advances in Multilayer and Grazing Incidence X-Ray/EUV/FUV Optics, (11 November 1994); doi: 10.1117/12.193149; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.193149


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