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14 September 1994 Photoemission from thin oxide layers amplified by an electric field
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The work contains results of irivestigatior on photoemission in thin oxide layers in WhiCh internal electric field has been generated. The samples were microscopic glasses covered on both sides by coructirç layers . The internal electric field was created by applyirg a negative polarizing voltage Upot to one of the layers (field emission electrode) , whereas the other one was emitting layer (Sr :Sb, Ti ) . As a result of Upoi. voltage ard i1 lumination, electron were released from the sample . mplite distrib.itior of imp.tlses were measuremed by ampi itie multicharinel analyser (fcr ani1 hinated ard I 1lumirited samples) . For i1 luminated emitting fi ln of Sr :Sb, the frequency of cc*.inth was several times greater then for uni1 luminated samples . For titanium fi las the interity of electron emission was several ord€r of magnitte sml ler than for Sr : Sb. For al1 samples the electron emission increases with growing Upo).. Keywords : photoemission. emission yield, semicorductor, SIS system, electric field. thin oxide layers, work function, optical properties.
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Jadwiga Olesik, Bogdan Calusinski, and Zygmunt Olesik "Photoemission from thin oxide layers amplified by an electric field", Proc. SPIE 2337, Optical Characterization Techniques for High-Performance Microelectronic Device Manufacturing, (14 September 1994);

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