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10 April 1995 Active microwave device applications of ferroelectric thin films
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We describe the deposition of SrxBa1-xTiO3 (0.5 <EQ x <EQ 0.8) thin films by pulsed laser deposition and the issues related the their application as active microwave device components. The SrxBa1-xTiO3 thin films (approximately equals 5000 angstrom) deposited at 775-850 degree(s)C in 350 mTorr of oxygen onto (100) MgO and LaAlO3 were smooth, single phase, and epitaxial with the underlying substrate. Highly oriented Sr0.5Ba0.5TiO3 films on LaAlO3 with x- ray rocking curves of 72 arc seconds were observed. The dielectric constant of Sr0.5Ba0.5TiO3 thin films, determined from the signal in patterned transmission lines between 100 kHz and 0.1 GHz, was approximately equals 20% of that observed for the bulk and the zero field temperature dependence was broad in comparison to the sharply peaked behavior seen in bulk. The dielectric loss tangent was measured as a function of stoichiometry for SrxBa1-xTiO3 (0.2 <EQ x <EQ 0.8) thin films (3-5 micrometers ) at room temperature and at 9.2 GHz. Loss tangent values were found to be highly sensitive to the Curie temperature of the film. Loss tangent values as low as 0.1% were obtained for Sr0.8Ba0.2TiO3. The results for SrxBa1-xTiO3 thin films presented in this paper are encouraging for future applications in active microwave devices.
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Douglas B. Chrisey, James S. Horwitz, Jeffrey M. Pond, Raymond C. Y. Auyeung, Paul C. Dorsey, Syen B. Qadri, Lee A. Knauss, Carl H. Mueller, and R. M. Yandrofski "Active microwave device applications of ferroelectric thin films", Proc. SPIE 2403, Laser-Induced Thin Film Processing, (10 April 1995);

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