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10 April 1995 Pulsed laser processing of epitaxial TiN/Si heterostructures
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This paper reviews our recent work on laser processing and characterization of epitaxial TiN/Si heterostructures. Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) technique has been employed to grow TiN films on H- terminated Si(100) substrates at various temperatures in the range of 25 to 600 degree(s)C. A pulsed KrF excimer laser ((lambda) equals 248 nm, (tau) equals 25 X 10-9 sec) was used with the deposition chamber maintained at a base pressure of 10-7 Torr/. The films were characterized by x-ray diffraction technique, Auger electron spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, scanning and high resolution electron microscopy, Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy and four probe electrical resistivity. Auger and Raman spectroscopy revealed that the films were purely TiN and free from oxygen impurities. The x-ray diffraction and TEM results showed that the TiN films deposited at 600 degree(s)C were single crystal in nature with epitaxial relationship <100>TiN<100>Si. The RBS channeling yield for these films was found to be in the range of 10-13%. Four-point-probe electrical resistivity measurements showed characteristic metallic behavior of these films as a function of temperature with the lowest value of resistivity of about 15(mu) (Omega) -cm at room temperature. The epitaxial growth of TiN on Si(100) is rationalized in terms of domain matching epitaxy, where four unit cells of TiN match with three unit cells of Si with less than 4% misfit. This paper also describes the fundamental issues related to thin film growth, defect formation, atomic structure of defects and interfaces in semiconductor heterostructures.
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R. D. Vispute, Rina Chowdhury, and Jagdish Narayan "Pulsed laser processing of epitaxial TiN/Si heterostructures", Proc. SPIE 2403, Laser-Induced Thin Film Processing, (10 April 1995);

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