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12 May 1995 Design of a graphical user interface for an intelligent multimedia information system for radiology research
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With the increase in the volume and distribution of images and text available in PACS and medical electronic health-care environments it becomes increasingly important to maintain indexes that summarize the content of these multi-media documents. Such indices are necessary to quickly locate relevant patient cases for research, patient management, and teaching. The goal of this project is to develop an intelligent document retrieval system that allows researchers to request for patient cases based on document content. Thus we wish to retrieve patient cases from electronic information archives that could include a combined specification of patient demographics, low level radiologic findings (size, shape, number), intermediate-level radiologic findings (e.g., atelectasis, infiltrates, etc.) and/or high-level pathology constraints (e.g., well-differentiated small cell carcinoma). The cases could be distributed among multiple heterogeneous databases such as PACS, RIS, and HIS. Content- based retrieval systems go beyond the capabilities of simple key-word or string-based retrieval matching systems. These systems require a knowledge base to comprehend the generality/specificity of a concept (thus knowing the subclasses or related concepts to a given concept) and knowledge of the various string representations for each concept (i.e., synonyms, lexical variants, etc.). We have previously reported on a data integration mediation layer that allows transparent access to multiple heterogeneous distributed medical databases (HIS, RIS, and PACS). The data access layer of our architecture currently has limited query processing capabilities. Given a patient hospital identification number, the access mediation layer collects all documents in RIS and HIS and returns this information to a specified workstation location. In this paper we report on our efforts to extend the query processing capabilities of the system by creation of custom query interfaces, an intelligent query processing engine, and a document-content index that can be generated automatically (i.e., no manual authoring or changes to the normal clinical protocols).
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Ricky K. Taira, Clement Wong, David Johnson, Vikas Bhushan M.D., Monica Rivera, Lu J. Huang, Denise R. Aberle, Alfonso F. Cardenas, and Wesley W. Chu "Design of a graphical user interface for an intelligent multimedia information system for radiology research", Proc. SPIE 2435, Medical Imaging 1995: PACS Design and Evaluation: Engineering and Clinical Issues, (12 May 1995);


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