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3 July 1995 Evaluation of CD metrology tools for photomasks for 0.25-μm devices
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CD measurement tools to reticles for 0.25 micrometers devices are evaluated in light of the follow requirements: (1) linearity limit (or reliably measurable minimum feature size): 0.5 micrometers , (2) repeatability (3(sigma) ): less than or equal to 6 nm, (3) applicability to attenuated (or half tone) masks, and (4) automeasurement capability assisted with pattern recognition. The evaluated tools are (1) an optical CD measurement system Nikon MPA3 at g-line or e-line light, (2) a laser confocal microscope OAI SiSCANII7325 at 325 nm, and (3) a confocal- /transmission-type microscope Technical Instruments Co. KMS300T in a confocal or transmission mode with board-band illumination. The samples evaluated are (1) a low-reflective binary mask, (2) a HT mask for g-line exposure with a transmittance of 8%, and (3) a HT mask for i-line exposure with a transmittance of 8%, all having space patterns the width of which varies from 0.45 to 4.0 micrometers . In conclusion, the requirements are met by the confocal microscopes (SiSCANII7325 and KMS300T in a confocal mode).
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Hiroshi Fujita, Shiho Sasaki, Hiroyuki Miyashita, Naoya Hayashi, and Hisatake Sano "Evaluation of CD metrology tools for photomasks for 0.25-μm devices", Proc. SPIE 2512, Photomask and X-Ray Mask Technology II, (3 July 1995);


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