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25 September 1995 Improving the efficiency of x-ray lasers
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Current successful approaches for achieving soft x-ray lasing typically require pumping laser pulses of duration approximately ns and energy approximately kJ (collisionally pumped schemes) or approximately ps pulses and powers of approximately several TW (recombination-pumped schemes). For applications, it is important to improve the efficiency of soft x-ray lasers and so reduce the required power of pumping lasers. The effect of pre- pulse on neon-like collisionally pumped lasers has been investigated using the LULI laser (Ecole Polytechnique, France). A small pre-pulse level approximately 10-3 of the main pulse energy was found to increase the J equals 0 minus 1 neon-like zinc laser output at 21 nm by an order-of-magnitude with a comparable increase in efficiency. A double pumping laser pulse on neon-like yttrium lasing output at 15 nm obtained with the VULCAN laser (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, England) was also found to increase the x-ray lasing efficiency. With adiabatically cooled recombination lasing, it is shown that approximately 2 ps pulses are optimum for achieving the desired ionization balance for lasing output. The possibility of achieving recombination lasing at short wavelengths on lithium-like ions with longer pulse lasers has been investigated using the ASTERIX laser (Max-Planck Quantenoptik, Germany). These results are presented and interpreted to provide possible directions for improving the efficiency of x-ray lasers.
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