8 September 1995 Pyroelectric linear array infrared sensors made of La-modified PbTiO3 thin films and their applications
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A new pyroelectric linear array IR sensor has been developed by using the c-axis oriented La- modified PbTiO3 (PLT:Pb1-xLaxTi1-x/4O3) thin films. The PLT thin films were prepared on (100) MgO single crystal substrates by rf-magnetron sputtering method. Without a poling treatment, this PLT thin film has high pyroelectric properties (x equals 0.1; PL10, (epsilon) r equals 200, pyroelectric coefficient: (gamma) equals 5.5 X 10-8 C/cm2K). For minimizing the substantial heat capacity, these IR sensors have a unique structure in which eight elements of pyroelectric thin films are supported only by polyimide resin films (thickness equals 3 micrometer). This sensor was fabricated by etching MgO substrates off thoroughly. These IR sensors have a high specific detectivity D*(500,30,1) of 3.5 X 108 cmHz1/2/W. A new compact IR sensing system using this linear array sensor can measure thermal distribution (8 X 64) by horizontal sweeping of the vertical linear array elements. The image processing with neural network concept makes possible high-accuracy using a few data from the sensor elements. This sensor system is applied to a new type of room air conditioners to improve the comfort level control.
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Satoru Fujii, Satoru Fujii, Takeshi Kamata, Takeshi Kamata, Shigenori Hayashi, Shigenori Hayashi, Yoshihiro Tomita, Yoshihiro Tomita, Ryoichi Takayama, Ryoichi Takayama, Takashi Hirao, Takashi Hirao, Tatsuo Nakayama, Tatsuo Nakayama, Takashi Deguchi, Takashi Deguchi, } "Pyroelectric linear array infrared sensors made of La-modified PbTiO3 thin films and their applications", Proc. SPIE 2552, Infrared Technology XXI, (8 September 1995); doi: 10.1117/12.218262; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.218262

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