1 September 1995 New uses for the Zeiss KS-153A camera system
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The Zeiss KS-153A aerial reconnaissance framing camera compliments satellite, mapping, and remote sensor data with imagery that is geometrically correct. KS-153A imagery is in a format for tactical 3-D mapping, targeting, and high-resolution intelligence data collection. This system is based upon rugged microprocessor technology that allows a wide variety of mission parameters. Geometrically correct horizon-to-horizon photography, multi-spectral mine detection, stand-off photography, NIRS nine high speed, and very low altitude anti-terrorist surveillance are KS-153A capabilities that have been proven in tests and actual missions. Civilian use of the KS-153A has ranged from measuring flood levels to forest infestations. These are everyday tasks for the KS-153A throughout the world. Zeiss optics have superb spectral response and resolution. Surprisingly effective haze penetration was shown on a day when the pilot himself could not see the terrain. Tests with CCD arrays have also produced outstanding results. This superb spectral response can be used for camouflage detection in wartime, or used for effective environmental control in peacetime, with its ability to detect subtle changes in the signature of vegetation, calling attention to man induced stress such as disease, drought, and pollution. One serious man-induced problem in many parts of the world deserves even more attention in these times: the locating and safe removal of mines. The KS- 153A is currently configured with four different optics. High acuity horizon-to-horizon Pentalens and Multi-spectral Lens (MUC) modules have been added to the basic KS-153A with Trilens and Telelens. This modular concept nearly meets all of today's airborne reconnaissance requirements. Modern recce programs, for example German Air Force Recce Tornado (GAF Recce), have selected the KS-153A. By simply adding additional focal length lens assemblies to an existing KS-153A configuration, the user can instantly and economically adapt this system to a different mission requirement. NdYAG laser range finder, MIL-STD- 782 data annotation, and GPS-based flight management are off-the-shelf Zeiss products that can be used with the KS-153A. Aircraft wiring or control system modifications are generally not required when the KS-153A is installed in modern aircraft, such as F-14, F-15, and F-16.
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Rudolf H. Spiller, Rudolf H. Spiller, "New uses for the Zeiss KS-153A camera system", Proc. SPIE 2555, Airborne Reconnaissance XIX, (1 September 1995); doi: 10.1117/12.218606; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.218606

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