1 September 1995 Measurement on electrical tunability of microstrip line resonators using YBa2Cu3O7-δ/SrTiO3/MgO multilayer thin films
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We have fabricated YBa2Cu3O7-(delta ) (YBCO) superconducting line resonator and tunable line resonator on ferroelectric Sr0.5Ba0.5TiO3 (SBTO) buffered MgO(100) substrate and discussed the frequency shift mechanism of superconductor as a function of temperature and bias voltage, respectively. The resonators were designed using superconducting YBCO epitaxial thin films. Optimized resonator shown the resonant frequency of 10 GHz at 77 K. The YBCO films were grown in situ by pulsed laser deposition technique at 750 degree(s)C and oxygen partial pressure of 200 mTorr. The resonators have linear microstrip line separated by a gap of 5 micrometers and 0.5 mm, respectively. A gap is intentionally introduced to generate mainly a capacitive series reactance. The equivalence circuit of line resonator is a II network consisted of three capacitances. As the series capacitance C12 of SBTO ferroelectric thin films was changed by a bias voltage applied on the strip conductors including the gap, resonance frequency was shifted about 20 MHz from the unbiased center frequency of 10 GHz. The variation of resonance peak could be explained by a serial capacitance model. To find a central frequency mechanism depending on temperature, we fit the raw data using f(T)/f(10 K) and simple power law model. The shifting of the resonant frequencies due to temperature was fit to a two-fluid model, BCS theory and empirical formula. Also the surface impedance of superconducting YBCO films as a function of temperature at 10 GHz has been estimated by a transmission line method.
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Seok Kil Han, Seok Kil Han, Jeha Kim, Jeha Kim, Sang Yeol Lee, Sang Yeol Lee, Kwang-Yong Kang, Kwang-Yong Kang, } "Measurement on electrical tunability of microstrip line resonators using YBa2Cu3O7-δ/SrTiO3/MgO multilayer thin films", Proc. SPIE 2559, High-Temperature Microwave Superconductors and Applications, (1 September 1995); doi: 10.1117/12.218171; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.218171

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