17 November 1995 Extraction of soil dielectric properties from AIRSAR and SIR-C imagery
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Complex dielectric constants determined by inversion of the polarized returns of AIRSAR radar images acquired in wet conditions clearly delineate the distribution of saline soils in the Tragowel Plains irrigation area of Victoria, Australia. There is good agreement between the areas delineated as having anomalous dielectric constants by the radar inversion techniques with saline areas as defined by geophysics and determined in the field. The radar-determined complex dielectric constants are significantly smaller than might be expected from the known moisture contents of the soils at the time of image acquisition. The magnitudes of P band radar-determined dielectric constants most closely approach those expected from field determinations although the distribution of L band-determined dielectric constants give the best discrimination between saline and non-saline areas. Modification of the inversion algorithm to allow for the effects of vegetation produces complex dielectric constant magnitudes in the saline regions that are closer to expected values. Variations in the complex dielectric constant derived by inversion of SIR-C imagery acquired under dry conditions is largely a function of soil moisture content. This is closely related to the local recent irrigation history. Inversion of imagery acquired at small incidence angles does not yield meaningful results and it is inferred that this is because the small perturbation model does not apply. The results support the belief that incipient soil salinity can be mapped and monitored by polarimetric radar.
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G. R. Taylor, A. H. Mah, Fred A. Kruse, Kathryn S. Kierein-Young, Robert D. Hewson, and B. A. Bennett "Extraction of soil dielectric properties from AIRSAR and SIR-C imagery", Proc. SPIE 2587, Geographic Information Systems, Photogrammetry, and Geological/Geophysical Remote Sensing, (17 November 1995); doi: 10.1117/12.226821; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.226821

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