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8 April 1996 Proposed high-power UV industrial demonstration laser at CEBAF
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The Laser Processing Consortium, a collaboration of industries, universities, and the Continuous Electron Accelerator Facility in Newport News, Virginia, has proposed building a demonstration industrial processing laser for surface treatment and micro-machining The laser is a free-electron laser with average power output exceeding 1 kW in the ultraviolet. The design calls for a novel driver accelerator that recovers most of the energy of the exhaust electron beam to produce laser light with good wall-lug efficiency. The laser and accelerator design use technologies that are scalable to much higher power. We will describe the critical design issues in the laser such as the stability, power handling, and losses of the optical resonator, and the quality, power, and reliability of the electron beam. We will also describe the calculated laser performance. Finally progress to date on accelerator development and resonator modeling will be reported.
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