7 June 1996 System design and aircraft integration
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The Integrated Helmet Audio/Visual System (IHAVS) suite is composed of the GEC Helmet Mounted Display (HMD), Armstrong Labs 3-D Audio system, Polhemus Head Tracker (HT) and SMiths Interactive Voice Module (IVM). The LORAL NITE Hawk Targeting Self Cooled IR pod (TFLIR) was added, supplementing the IHAVS for off-boresight target management. The lightweight HMD generates a high resolution visor projected display. Symbology displayed within the binocular and fully overlapped 40 degree field of view presents aircraft moding, navigation, weapon delivery, and threat data to the pilot. The 3-D Audio system generates four audio cues localized to within 10 degrees of the commanded position. THe specialized headset localizes TFLIR position and threat audio cues. The HT system provides helmet position to the aircraft, the HMD and 3-D Audio system. Twelve IVM digital voice output reports aircraft status. The T/AV-8B aircraft and avionics architecture are discussed laying the foundation for the described integration of the IHAVS suite. Integrated together, these systems provide the pilot with greatly increased field of regard for target recognition, designation and attack. Tightly coupled to the IHAVS suite, the TFLIR allows off-boresight target management and the field of regard is well matched and complements the IHAVS.
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John R. Flint, John R. Flint, } "System design and aircraft integration", Proc. SPIE 2735, Head-Mounted Displays, (7 June 1996); doi: 10.1117/12.241887; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.241887

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