3 October 1996 Efficient optical nonlinear Langmuir-Blodgett films: roles of matrix molecules
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A novel bifat-chain amphiphilic molecule nitrogencrown (NC) was adopted as an inert material for fabrication of optical nonlinear Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) multilayers. Structural improvement in the Z-type mixed fullerene derivative (C60-Be)/NC LB multilayers samples was realized by insertion of the C60-Be molecules between two hydrophobic chains of the NC molecules. The relatively large third-order susceptibility (chi) (3)xxxx(- 3(omega) ;(omega) ,(omega) ,(omega) ) equals 2.9 multiplied by 10-19 M2V-2 (or 2.1 multiplied by 10-11 esu) was deduced by measuring third harmonic generation (THG) from the C60-Be samples. The second harmonic generation (SHG) intensity increased quadratically with the bilayer number (up to 116 bilayers) in Y-type hemicyanine (HEM)/NC interleaving LB multilayers due to improvement of the structural properties by insertion of the long hydrophobic tail of HEM molecules between two chains of NC molecules. The second-order susceptibility (chi) (2)zxx(-2(omega) ;(omega) ,(omega) ) equals 18 pM V-1 (or 4.35 multiplied by 10-8 esu) was obtained by measuring SHG from the HEM samples. The NC molecule has attractive features as a matrix material in fabrications of LB multilayers made from optically nonlinear materials with hydrophobic long tails or ball-like molecules.
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Shihong Ma, Shihong Ma, Xingze Lu, Xingze Lu, Liying Liu, Liying Liu, Kui Han, Kui Han, Wencheng Wang, Wencheng Wang, Zhi-Ming Zhang, Zhi-Ming Zhang, "Efficient optical nonlinear Langmuir-Blodgett films: roles of matrix molecules", Proc. SPIE 2897, Electro-Optic and Second Harmonic Generation Materials, Devices, and Applications, (3 October 1996); doi: 10.1117/12.252935; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.252935

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