9 May 1997 Effects of laser and particle beams on the synthesis and nonlinear optical response of nanostructures
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Nonlinear optical materials comprising metal nanocrystallites embedded in linear and nonlinear dielectrics are of wide current interest for use in all-optical switching devices. We have investigated several ways in which laser- and ion-beam processing can be used to create vertically and/or laterally patterned nanostructured composite materials. Pulsed laser deposition using both metal and dielectric targets can be used to create layered structures in which some layers contain quantum dots as a nonlinear element. Ion beams can also be used to induce the formation of deep waveguides in soda-lime glass subjected first to Ag ion exchange. When these Ag quantum-dot composites are irradiated by high-intensity laser light, a photochemical reaction generates Ag2O nanoclusters, changing the sign of the nonlinear index of refraction. This phenomenon offers unusual possibilities for spatially modulating a nonlinear waveguide with very high lateral resolution. Finally, we consider the use of lasers in conjunction with laser- or particle-beam-created surface defects to serve as distributed nucleation sites for quantum- dot growth. Atomic-force microscopy on planar versus offcut surfaces shows that substrate orientation, temperature and deposition pressure can be used to control the size distribution and two-dimensional growth pattern of Au nanoclusters on strontium titanate substrates.
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Richard F. Haglund, Richard F. Haglund, Carmen N. Afonso Rodriguez, Carmen N. Afonso Rodriguez, Giancarlo Battaglin, Giancarlo Battaglin, Mukund Godbole, Mukund Godbole, Francesco Gonella, Francesco Gonella, John D. Hamilton, John D. Hamilton, Douglas H. Lowndes, Douglas H. Lowndes, Robert H. Magruder, Robert H. Magruder, Paolo Mazzoldi, Paolo Mazzoldi, Dannie H. Osborne, Dannie H. Osborne, J. Solis, J. Solis, } "Effects of laser and particle beams on the synthesis and nonlinear optical response of nanostructures", Proc. SPIE 2991, Laser Applications in Microelectronic and Optoelectronic Manufacturing II, (9 May 1997); doi: 10.1117/12.273715; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.273715

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