4 April 1997 Effects of steam oxidation on a single In0.20Ga0.80As quantum well in a half-wave microcavity VCSEL
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Time resolved photoluminescence at 295 degrees K has been used to characterize carrier recombination in a single 80 angstrom In0.20Ga0.80As quantum well before and after wet thermal oxidation of a 300 angstrom Al0.96Ga0.04As layer which is separated from the quantum well by 100 angstrom GaAs and a 225 angstrom Al0.75Ga0.25As barrier layer. Both of these layers are repeated on the other side of the quantum well and all together are typical of a half wave cavity spacer section used in low threshold microcavity VCSELs. Before oxidation the radiative lifetime is 12 ns. After steam oxidation for 5 minutes at 420 degrees Celsius the lifetime and intensity of the photoluminescence remains unchanged. An oxidation time of 10 minutes at the same temperature reduces the radiative lifetime to less than 1 ns and decreases the photoluminescence intensity by a factor of five. In addition, the lifetime and intensity of the photoluminescence remain the same as in the unoxidized case when the Al0.96Ga0.04As layer is etched off in a 1:1 HCl solution, possibly indicating that surface recombination at the Al0.75Ga0.25As barrier is not responsible for the shorter lifetimes in the oxidized samples. Furthermore, secondary ion mass spectrometry data on steam oxidized and unoxidized samples shows the presence of a significant oxygen concentration in the quantum well for oxidized samples that had sub nanosecond lifetimes and no oxygen in the quantum wells for samples that were not steam oxidized and displayed 12 ns lifetimes.
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Luke A. Graham, Luke A. Graham, Diana L. Huffaker, Diana L. Huffaker, Tchang-Hun Oh, Tchang-Hun Oh, Dennis G. Deppe, Dennis G. Deppe, "Effects of steam oxidation on a single In0.20Ga0.80As quantum well in a half-wave microcavity VCSEL", Proc. SPIE 3003, Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers, (4 April 1997); doi: 10.1117/12.271053; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.271053

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