7 July 1997 ArF photoresist system using alicyclic polymer
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We have developed a chemically amplified photoresist for use in ArF lithography based on alicyclic polymer. 3- Bicyclo(2,2,1)hept-2-yl-3-(2-methyl allyoxy)-propionic acid tert-butyl ester (BHPE) was prepared as a new kind of protected acid-labile monomer. Terpolymer, poly(BHPE-NBO-MAL), was prepared with BHPE, 5-norbornen-2-ol (NBO), and maleic anhydride (MAL) monomers by radical polymerization. Photoresist of poly(BHPE-NBO-MAL) displayed good adhesion, dry-etch resistance, and development. As a result, we obtained 0.16 micrometer line-and-space positive patterns with 2.38 wt% TMAH aqueous solution using an ArF exposure system.
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Joo Hyeon Park, Joo Hyeon Park, Seong-Ju Kim, Seong-Ju Kim, Sun-Yi Park, Sun-Yi Park, Hosull Lee, Hosull Lee, Jae Chang Jung, Jae Chang Jung, Cheol-Kyu Bok, Cheol-Kyu Bok, Ki-Ho Baik, Ki-Ho Baik, "ArF photoresist system using alicyclic polymer", Proc. SPIE 3049, Advances in Resist Technology and Processing XIV, (7 July 1997); doi: 10.1117/12.275850; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.275850

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