28 February 1997 Investigations of some halide crystals
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Single crystals of general molecular formula ABX3, where A is a monovalent ion (A+) equals Tl+, Cs+), B is a divalent element (B2+ equals Cd2+, Pb2+), and X equals Cl/Br, belong to an important class of halide crystals that attract attention of investigators due to their interesting properties and various phase transition mechanisms. Some structure sensitive and acousto-optical parameters were obtained from the experimental results. The temperature behavior of the dielectric permittivity and conductivity of these insufficiently investigated crystals in the range 250 - 550 K corresponds to a normal behavior of ionic crystals. It was found that the correlation took place between a tolerance- factor and some structure sensitive parameters of the above- mentioned crystals.
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Vitaly V. Pitsyuga, Vitaly V. Pitsyuga, Olexandra V. Bogdanova-Borets, Olexandra V. Bogdanova-Borets, Viacheslav V. Petrov, Viacheslav V. Petrov, Volodimir G. Pitsyuga, Volodimir G. Pitsyuga, "Investigations of some halide crystals", Proc. SPIE 3055, International Conference on Optical Storage, Imaging, and Transmission of Information, (28 February 1997); doi: 10.1117/12.267726; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.267726

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