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11 July 1997 Toward the calibration of the HETGS effective area
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The high-energy transmission grating for AXAF was tested with the AXAF high resolution mirror assembly during December 1996 through April 1997 at NASA's MSFC X-Ray Calibration Facility. This first-use of the HETG confirms sub-assembly measurements and demonstrates the power of this AXAF grating spectrometer. This paper discusses calibration goals, summarizes the pre- XRCF performance predictions, describes the XRCF data taken, and outlines the general approach to their analysis -- concentrating on the HETG contribution to the HETGS effective area. Very preliminary examples of the analysis of the XRCF data are presented. At a crude level (approximately equal to 30%) the data are in agreement with sub-assembly predictions. Future detailed analysis will result in a definitive instrument calibration.
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