12 March 1998 Computer simulations on the processes of resonantly excited radiation in the intense laser and magnetic fields
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The theory and method of computer simulations created formerly permits to investigate the interaction of high power laser radiation up to gigawatt on centimeter to the second power with the atoms as well as with small so with large fine structure interval in the external magnetic field. The modifications of the energies and populations of atomic levels due to such interaction lead to the new nonlinear effects. Among them besides the modifications in Raman effect and new effects of rotation of plane of polarization and circular dichroism investigated before there are such new effects as the modifications of the number, intensities, polarizations of the lines at the excitation spectra and the scattering spectra of resonant fluorescence. The real atom is multilevel system. Usually the theoretical investigations of nonlinear resonant magnetooptical effects are limited by two- or three-level approximations or by using the perturbation theory. This is justified for considering the effects in the weak magnetic fields but not sufficient for revealing and investigation the characteristics of the new nonlinear magnetooptical effects taking place in the intense radiation and magnetic fields. Such effects are related to modifications of electronic structure of atoms (level shifts and splittings, populations modifications). As the considered media is atomic gas one can reach for power density up to gigawatt on centimeter to the second power. As the considered concentrations are small it is possible to neglect the collisional relaxation. For real atom the considered system is multilevel so only numerical solution is appropriated. The simulations permit to find some new effects in the excitation spectra of Raman effect and resonant fluorescence.
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Tamara Ya. Karagodova, Tamara Ya. Karagodova, Alexander I. Karagodov, Alexander I. Karagodov, } "Computer simulations on the processes of resonantly excited radiation in the intense laser and magnetic fields", Proc. SPIE 3303, Real-Time Imaging III, (12 March 1998); doi: 10.1117/12.302420; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.302420

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