1 January 1998 Write-read-erase kinetics in 2.5-D multilayer polymer structures based on naphtacenepyridone molecules
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Photoisomerization kinetics of naphtacenepyridones (NP) embedded into polymer films have been investigated. It is found that the kinetics of photocoloration reactions under single-photon excitation both in cw and femtosecond pulse regimes are similar while they are significantly different from kinetics under two-photon excitation. In the last case it proves to transform only about 12% of the photochromic molecules into colored form. This distinction in photocoloration kinetics seems to be attributable to the differences in photoabsorption cross sections of isomers under single- and two-photon excitation. According to the two-level model of excitation the value of two-photon cross section of NP molecules in form A is estimated to be approximately 0.1 (DOT) 10-50 sm4s at wavelength of 860 nm. The value of quantum yields of photoisomerization and photodestruction was demonstrated experimentally not to be conserved during both writing and erasing photoreactions. It is suggested that the decrease of quantum yields during erasing is due to the kinetic nonequivalence of naphtacenepyridones molecules embedded into polymer host. For this reason a number of readout cycles increases while the erasing process becomes more hard. Two-photon bit-by-bit writing and page-by-page fluorescent reading of information have been realized in multilayered polymer matrices consisting of 1.5 - 2 micrometers photochromic layers separated by 30 micrometers inert polymer layers.
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Nikolai I. Koroteev, Nikolai I. Koroteev, Sergei A. Krikunov, Sergei A. Krikunov, S. A. Magnitskii, S. A. Magnitskii, D. V. Malakhov, D. V. Malakhov, S. I. Peredereeva, S. I. Peredereeva, N. T. Sokoluk, N. T. Sokoluk, V. V. Shubin, V. V. Shubin, } "Write-read-erase kinetics in 2.5-D multilayer polymer structures based on naphtacenepyridone molecules", Proc. SPIE 3347, Optical Information Science and Technology (OIST97): Optical Recording Mechanisms and Media, (1 January 1998); doi: 10.1117/12.301412; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.301412

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