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3 October 1998 Radiometric stability of the clouds and the Earth's radiant energy system scanning thermistor bolometer radiometers
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Each Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) instrument contains three scanning thermistor bolometer radiometric channels. These channels measure broadband radiances in the shortwave (0.3 —5.0 rim), total (0.3 - <100 and 8 — 12 im water vapor window regions. Ground-based radiometric calibration of CERES instruments is conducted by TRW, Redondo Beach, CA using their state of the art Radiometric Calibration Facility (RCF). Among the many features of the RCF are longwave and shortwave calibration systems. RCF blackbodies tied to the International Temperature Scale of 1990 ( ITS'90) are used for longwave calibrations. A unique Shortwave Reference Source (SWRS) allows calibration in the 0.4 to 2.0 m region. Additionally, a cryogenically cooled Transfer Active Cavity Radiometer (TACR) allows the transfer of the RCF longwave blackbody source calibration onto the shortwave RCF source. The CERES Internal Calibration Module (1CM) contains blackbody sources for the Total and Window radiometric channels and an evaporated quartz-tungsten lamp for the Shortwave channel. The 1CM sources are used to monitor the radiometric stability of the CERES instruments over their lifetime. Currently three CERES flight instruments (Proto-Flight Model, Flight Model 1, and Flight Model 2) have undergone radiometric calibration in TRW's RCF. This paper presents the timeline of radiometric stability for the PFM instrument since its original calibration in the RCF. This timeline includes spacecraft level thermal-vacuum testing and initial on-orbit data. Keywords: CERES, TRMM, EOS, Radiometry, Calibration
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Kory J. Priestley, Robert Benjamin Lee III, Bruce R. Barkstrom, Susan Thomas, K. Lee Thornhill, Jack Paden, Dhirendra K. Pandey, Robert S. Wilson, Herbert C. Bitting, and G. Louis Smith "Radiometric stability of the clouds and the Earth's radiant energy system scanning thermistor bolometer radiometers", Proc. SPIE 3439, Earth Observing Systems III, (3 October 1998);

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