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14 December 1998 Retrieval procedures to derive atmospheric and surface properties from infrared radiation measurements in an orbit around Mars
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The calculation of synthetic spectra in the absorption bands of molecules and aerosols and their iterative comparison with measurements is a fundamental background for many studies of planetary atmospheres. A radiative transfer simulation technique is described that will be applied to retrieve atmospheric and surface properties from IR radiation measurements recorded by a Planetary Fourier Spectrometer in an orbit around the planet Mars. A prestored set of temperature and pressure dependents absorption cross- sections which is based on quasi-monochromatic line-by-line calculations is used to predict the transmission functions of CO2, H2O and Co at 2.0 cm-1 spectral resolution in a layered atmosphere. Aerosol absorption and scattering efficiencies for palagonite particles, which are considered as one of the most likely candidates to explain the observed Martian dust features, are determined from laboratory data on refractive indices by applying Mie subroutines. Synthetic IR spectra of the Martian radiance and brightness temperature have been valued in the 200-8000 cm-1 wave number range for a variety of atmospheric models and surface reflectance features including aerosol multiple-scattering based on a successive order technique. The 15 and 2 (Mu) m CO2 bands are used to retrieve temperature profiles and surface pressure simultaneously, while the 2.0 and 2.7 micrometers bands allow to separate radiance contributions from atmospheric dust emission and surface reflectance. Aerosol optical depths in the thermal IR are determined in the 8-13 micrometers window region. A first application of the radiative transfer and retrieval codes is shown for selected thermal emission spectra recorded by the IRIS instrument on-board the Mariner 9 orbiter.
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Rainer Haus "Retrieval procedures to derive atmospheric and surface properties from infrared radiation measurements in an orbit around Mars", Proc. SPIE 3495, Satellite Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere III, (14 December 1998);

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