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18 August 1998 Engineering remote sensing technology
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The development of technology of space rapid location, geographical information system (GIS), spectral radiation measurement, computer manipulation of image and picture, and communication provides advantage environments the engineering the remote sensing technology. However, for the remote sensing information identification, because of the differences between ares, local environments, seasons, ground object features, and so on, though the same type of ground object spectral curve may be concluded a standard ground object spectrum of certain regular pattern in the macroscopic, there are great differences in the spectrum radiation characters of every ground object in the microscopic. In order to collect automatically remote sensing information of the ground objects to decide exactly the type and characteristics of the ground object, the key is to obtain the synchronous ground object radiation spectrum surveyed by remote sensing data. On the basis of the ground object radiation spectrum, with the reference to the background provided by the normal ground spectrum, the data from GIS, space orientation system and expert system,the target will be identified reliably and exactly by using digital image and graphic processing method supported by computer. It is necessary to use the observing station of radiation spectrum on the ground to design and develop the automatic ground spectrum surveying instruments corresponding to space remote sensing. Thus, the spectrum information at different areas, environments and time can be observe,d recorded and transferred to the ground station of space remote sensing form corresponding communication means. As a basis part of remote sensing data, it can be directly provided to consumers, makes the remote sensing technology become an engineering means, and can be used widely.
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YuYang Dong and Liang Huo "Engineering remote sensing technology", Proc. SPIE 3505, Imaging System Technology for Remote Sensing, (18 August 1998);

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