1 April 1999 Optically pumped mid-infrared type-II lasers: advances in high-temperature performance
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Optically-pumped type-II W lasers have exhibited improved high-temperature performance throughout the wavelength range of 2.7 micrometer to 7.3 micrometer. Low duty cycle pumping at 2.1 micrometer yielded maximum operating temperatures as high as 360 K at (lambda) less than or equal to 4 micrometer for 3 devices, with peak output powers exceeding 1.5 W at ambient temperature. Internal losses of 90 cm-1 at 300 K were seen for one device and suppressed Auger recombination coefficients were observed for all three. Pulsed operation at wavelengths as long as 7.3 micrometer was seen in another device which had a maximum operating temperature of 220 K. For 1.064 micrometer optical pumping, the same laser was able to operate in continuous-wave (cw) mode to 130 K. Cw operation was also observed at temperatures as high as 290 K for lambda approximately equals 3.0 micrometer. Maximum cw output powers (per uncoated facet) of 260 mW at (lambda) equals 3.1 micrometer and 50 mW at (lambda) equals 5.4 micrometer were observed at T equals 77 K. With further improvements in the design and growth quality of these W laser structures, it is projected the cw output powers of 0.5 W or more should be achievable at thermoelectric cooler temperatures.
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Christopher L. Felix, William W. Bewley, Edward H. Aifer, Igor Vurgaftman, Linda J. Olafsen, Donna W. Stokes, Jerry R. Meyer, Ming Jey Yang, Hao Lee, Ramon U. Martinelli, John C. Connolly, Alan R. Sugg, Gregory H. Olsen, "Optically pumped mid-infrared type-II lasers: advances in high-temperature performance", Proc. SPIE 3628, In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers III, (1 April 1999); doi: 10.1117/12.344539; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.344539

Continuous wave operation

Pulsed laser operation

Optical pumping


Laser damage threshold

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