25 October 1999 Infrared parallel-slab division-of-amplitude photopolarimeter
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In this paper we describe novel designs of IR versions of the parallel-slab division-of-amplitude photopolarimeter (IR-PS-DOAP) to measure the state of polarization of light as determined by the four Stokes parameters. The IR-PS-DOAP uses no movable parts or modulation and thus fast and simultaneous measurement is obtained. We present two different designs. The first employs a uniform, thin, transparent, film coating on the front surface of the parallel-slab. The second employs strips of thin, transparent, film coating on the front surface of the parallel-slab. A performance analysis comparison between the two will be presented. For wavelengths up to approximately 3.5 micrometers , SiO2, is totally transparent and is selected to be the slab material for the IR-PS-DOAP. For wavelengths beyond 3.5 micrometers , SiO2 becomes absorbent and will be replaced by another transparent material like Irtran2, for example. The instrument matrix of the system is non- singular; hence the state of polarization is completely determined. The IR-PS-DOAP is compact, light-weight, rugged and based on reflective optics, so that predictive theory of instrument performance is applicable.
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Aed M. El-Saba, Rasheed M. A. Azzam, Mustafa A. G. Abushagur, Christopher L. Centamore, Allison Leigh Arp, "Infrared parallel-slab division-of-amplitude photopolarimeter", Proc. SPIE 3754, Polarization: Measurement, Analysis, and Remote Sensing II, (25 October 1999); doi: 10.1117/12.366334; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.366334


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