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22 October 1999 Toward a 2-eV microcalorimeter x-ray spectrometer for Constellation-X
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COnstellation-X is a cluster of identical observatories that together constitute a promising concept for a next- generation, high-throughput, high-resolution, astrophysical x-ray spectroscopy mission. The heart of the Constellation-X mission concept is a high-quantum-efficiency imaging spectrometer with 2 eV resolution at 6 keV. Collectively across the cluster, this imaging spectrometer will have twenty times the collecting efficiency of XRS on Astro-E and better than 0.25 arc minute imaging resolution. The spectrometer on each satellite will be able to handle count rates of up to 1000 counts per second per imaging pixel for a point source and 30 counts per second per pixel for an extended source filling the array. Focal plane coverage of at least 2.5 arc minutes X arc minutes, comparable to XRS but with a factor of thirty more pixels, is required. This paper will present the technologies that have the potential to meet al these requirements. It will identify the ones chosen for development for Constellation-X and explain why those were considered closer to realization, and it will summarize the results of the development work thus far.
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