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22 September 1999 Quasi-real-time x-ray microtomography system at the Advanced Photon Source
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The combination of high-brilliance x-ray sources, fast detector systems, wide-bandwidth networks, and parallel computers can substantially reduce the time required to acquire, reconstruct, and visualize high-resolution three- dimensional tomographic data sets. A quasi-realtime computed x-ray microtomography system has been implemented at the 2-BM beamline at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory. With this system, a complete tomographic data set can be collected in about 15 minutes. Immediately after each projection is obtained, it is rapidly transferred to the Mathematics and Computing Sciences Division where preprocessing and reconstruction calculations are performed concurrently with the data acquisition by a SGI parallel computer. The reconstruction results, once completed, are transferred to a visualization computer that performs the volume rendering calculations. Rendered images of the reconstructed data are available for viewing back at the beamline experiment station minutes after the data acquisition was complete. The fully pipelined data acquisition and reconstruction system also gives us the option to acquire the tomographic data set in several cycles, initially with coarse then with fine angular steps. At present the projections are acquired with a straight-ray projection imaging scheme using 5 - 20 keV hard x rays in either phase or amplitude contrast mode at a 1 - 10 micrometer resolution. In the future, we expect to increase the resolution of the projections to below 100 nm by using a focused x-ray beam at the 2-ID-B beamline and to reduce the combined acquisition and computation time to the 1 min scale with improvements in the detectors, network links, software pipeline, and computation algorithms.
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Yuxin Wang, Francesco De Carlo, Ian Foster, Joseph Insley, Carl Kesselman, Peter Lane, Gregor von Laszewski, Derrick C. Mancini, Ian McNulty, Mei-Hui Su, and Brian Tieman "Quasi-real-time x-ray microtomography system at the Advanced Photon Source", Proc. SPIE 3772, Developments in X-Ray Tomography II, (22 September 1999);

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