11 October 1999 Dye-induced narrowing in the spectral profiles of stimulated scattering in a CS2 liquid-core fiber system
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The narrowing of the super-broadened wings of both stimulated Rayleigh and Raman scattering (SRS) spectral profiles in carbon disulfide (CS2) has been observed in a liquid-core hollow fiber system doped with 10 ppm of a dye. The observed red-shifted super-broadening effect of the SRS lines in transparent molecular liquids is caused by a nonlinear optical effect. It involves the light-induced reorientation of anisotropic molecules, a process in which the rotational work is done against the local viscosity. Pure and dye doped CS2 SRS spectra were obtained for resonant and nonresonant pumping in order to verify the dependence on the spatial anisotropy of the absorbing molecules. The remarkable change in the spectral profile for the resonant case is explained in terms of the change in the guest-host interaction induced by optical excitation into the dye. This effect is attributed to the light-induced molecular pre-alignment of the anisotropic molecules of CS2 caused by the reorienting mechanism of a majority of excited dye molecules along the optical pump field. Such phenomenon was reported recently in light-induced birefringence experiments by doping liquid crystals with an absorbing dye, leading to an enhancement factor by one to two orders in magnitude for the optical Kerr effect.
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Ricardo Rego Bordalo Correia, Petrus A. Alcantara, and Silvio L. S. Cunha "Dye-induced narrowing in the spectral profiles of stimulated scattering in a CS2 liquid-core fiber system", Proc. SPIE 3796, Organic Nonlinear Optical Materials, (11 October 1999); doi: 10.1117/12.368298; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.368298

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