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9 November 1999 1.2-μm GaInAs/GaAs lasers: are they useful for high-capacity single-mode fiber datacom?
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Gigabit/s-LANs with 0.85 micrometers vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) are now going into the market. But, their link length is limited to be shorter than 500 m due to modal dispersion of employed multi-mode fibers and various modal problems should be considered in system design. The next step will be to develop long wavelength VCSELs matching to a single model fiber with longer link lengths of several km and higher data rates. Long wavelength single mode fiber datacom should be advantageous because of avoiding modal noise and relaxing eye safe issues. Recently, we demonstrated a 1.2 micrometers wavelength highly strained GaInAs/GaAs quantum well edge emitting laser, which exhibits reasonably low threshold and excellent temperature characteristics. The threshold current is as low as 13 mA for an as-cleaved 5 X 380 micrometers laser. A characteristic temperature T0 under pulsed operating is as high as 140 K. This is the record high T0 in 1.2-1.3 micrometers wavelength band. Even under 'heatsink-free' cw operations, T0 was much higher than that of conventional 1.3 micrometers GaInAsP/InP systems. We can avoid thermoelectric coolers as well as heatsink itself, thus, an all-plastic mold package without heatsink may give us a drastic cost reduction. It is interesting to note than commercial standard single mode fibers are designed to locate a cut-off wavelength at around 1.2 micrometers for the purpose of production tolerance. A question arises: whether this 1.2 micrometers wavelength band can be utilized for single mode fiber datacom or not.We have demonstrated a 2 Gb/s-5km single mode fiber data transmission experiment using a fabricated 1.22 micrometers uncooled GaInAs/GaAs laser. We believe that the VCSEL technology may drastically improve the transmitter performances at this new wavelength band and this 1.2 micrometers Gigabit LAN may become realistic by extensive developments. In this paper, we would like to discuss a possibility of high speed datacom using a newly developed 1.2 micrometers highly strained GaInAs/GaAs lasers.
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Fumio Koyama, Dietmar Schlenker, Tomoyuki Miyamoto, Zibiao Chen, and Kenichi Iga "1.2-μm GaInAs/GaAs lasers: are they useful for high-capacity single-mode fiber datacom?", Proc. SPIE 3899, Photonics Technology into the 21st Century: Semiconductors, Microstructures, and Nanostructures, (9 November 1999);

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