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16 June 2000 Software structure and its performance on FOCAS instrument control, a MOS design, and an analyzing package
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Faint Object Camera And Spectrograph (FOCAS) is completed and now waiting for a commissioning run on the Subaru Telescope atop Mauna Kea. We have developed a software system that includes the control of FOCAS instruments, Multiple Object Slits (MOS) design, and an analyzing package especially for evaluating performances of FOCAS. The control software system consists of several processes: a network interface process, user interface process, a central control engine process, a command dispatcher process, local control units, and a data acquisition system. These processes are mutually controlled by passing messages of commands and their status each other. The control system is also connected to Subaru Observation Software System to achieve high efficiency and reliability of observations. We have two off-line systems: a MOS design program, MDP, and an analyzing package. The MDP is a utility software to select spectroscopy targets in the field of view of FOCAS easily through its GUI and to design MOS plates efficiently. The designed MOS parameters are sent to a laser cutter to make a desirable MOS plate. A special package enables prompt performance check and evaluation of the FOCAS itself during a commissioning period. We describe the overall structure of FOCAS software with some GUI samples.
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Michitoshi Yoshida, Yasuhiro Shimizu, Toshiyuki Sasaki, George Kosugi, Tadafumi Takata, Kazuhiro Sekiguchi, Nobunari Kashikawa, Kentaro Aoki, Ryo Asai, Youichi Ohyama, Koji S. Kawabata, Motoko Inata, Yoshihiko Saito, Hiroko Taguchi, Noboru Ebizuka, Yasushi Yadoumaru, Tomohiko Ozawa, and Masanori Iye "Software structure and its performance on FOCAS instrument control, a MOS design, and an analyzing package", Proc. SPIE 4009, Advanced Telescope and Instrumentation Control Software, (16 June 2000);

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