3 July 2000 Development of the reflector panel for the new 10-m millimeter/submillimeter telescope
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We are developing high quality reflector panels for the new 10-m telescope for millimeter/sub-millimeter waves, which is to be a prototype antenna for LMSA/ALMA. The telescope consists of 205 reflector panels, and is expected to achieve the surface accuracy of 17 micrometer for the entire telescope. Each reflector panels are machined from a single block of aluminum in size of 80 cm X 80 cm and weighs 15 kg/m2. The panel surface needs to be processed not to focus the sun-light on to the sub-reflector and the support structure to protect them from heating up. We have examined several methods for surface processing, including scratching the surface by a steel-wool or a sandpaper, and to blast sand like small particles against the panel surface. As a result, we found the sand-blast process to be the acceptable solution. The scattering width for the sun-lights were measured to be 86 degree(s) (FWHM), which feeds less than 1% of the incident sun- light to the sub-reflector, and causes temperature increase of only 45 degree(s)C. The sub-millimeter reflectivity of the sand- blasted panel was measured with the Fourier transform spectrometer which showed that the sand-blast process does not affect the reflectivity for the sub-millimeter waves up to 1.5 THz. The reflector panel mounted on the telescope is yet to be processed for scattering the sun-light in the near future.
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Hajime Ezawa, Hajime Ezawa, Masato Ishiguro, Masato Ishiguro, Hiroshi Matsuo, Hiroshi Matsuo, Keizo Miyawaki, Keizo Miyawaki, Naohisa Satou, Naohisa Satou, Nobuharu Ukita, Nobuharu Ukita, "Development of the reflector panel for the new 10-m millimeter/submillimeter telescope", Proc. SPIE 4015, Radio Telescopes, (3 July 2000); doi: 10.1117/12.390444; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.390444

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