3 July 2000 Novel low-cost technique to manufacture submillimeter corrugated feedhorns
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Corrugated feedhorns are commonly used with reflector antennas, either for emission or reception purposes, because of their very low side lobe beam patterns, their very good E-H plane symmetry and their important bandwidth. Unfortunately, the electroforming technique that is generally used to fabricate them requires the machining of single-use mandrel. Direct milling of the horn is also possible, either in a single block or in a split block, but this also requires to machine each desired horn. At submillimeter frequencies, machining of small corrugations in a mandrel or in a block is costly. We present in this paper a cost-effective technique to fabricate helicoidal corrugated feed horns, which consists in machining one reusable mandrel and to mold as many horns as needed.
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Jean-Marie Munier, A. Maestrini, Morvan C. Salez, Matthieu Guillon, B. Marchand, "Novel low-cost technique to manufacture submillimeter corrugated feedhorns", Proc. SPIE 4015, Radio Telescopes, (3 July 2000); doi: 10.1117/12.390443; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.390443

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