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27 April 2000 Improved GPR data preprocessing for detection of various land mines
Bin Sai, Leo P. Ligthart
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Proceedings Volume 4084, Eighth International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar; (2000)
Event: 8th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar, 2000, Gold Coast, Australia
In this paper, we present a comprehensive two-dimensional technique for preprocessing the data acquired by a continuously moving ultra wideband impulse ground penetrating radar (CM UWB IGPR). The UWB IGPR was developed by the International Research Centre for Telecommunications- transmission and Radar especially for humanitarian land mine detection. The radar was used to collect data in the measurement campaigns which took place at several different types of open-air grounds with permittivities which are weather-dependent. The platform for mounting the system was moved at a velocity of 72 meters/hour. A variety of mines were on the ground surface, flush buried and completely buried in the ground. The designed scheme of 2D data preprocessing has been applied to the measured data. The results show that the non-metallic and metallic anti-personnel and anti-tank land mines that are invisible in the raw data image can be revealed unambiguously. The direct coupling between transmit and receive antennas and surface reflections plus the data acquisition along a slant range (due to continuous moving) give rise to the difficulties of searching for small land mines with diverse ground scenarios which include ore, clay, woodland and sand. The preprocessing is therefore important in that it should give first-hand on-line results for reliably determining of the next step in the operation such as to continue moving and/or searching. It is also important for supplying input data to subsequent processing such as 3D SAR. One can imagine that the signal levels scattered from surface- laid and deeply buried land mines would vary drastically. In this context we developed comprehensive data preprocessing which successfully coped with these problems. The data acquired by CM UWB IGPR have been processed and the results gained by using this technique are promising.
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Bin Sai and Leo P. Ligthart "Improved GPR data preprocessing for detection of various land mines", Proc. SPIE 4084, Eighth International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar, (27 April 2000);

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