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7 March 2006 Characterization of micro-optics using digital holography
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The collimation of strongly diverging laser beams emitted by diode lasers is performed with micro-optical components. In order to obtain a good beam profile high-quality cylindrical micro-lenses with a large numerical aperture compared to conventional lenses have to be applied. The characterization of these components using conventional interferometric techniques is costly or inaccurate with respect to the required accuracy of the lens shape. In conventional interferometry the resulting interferogram has to be imaged onto the CCD-target. The imaging lenses in the set-up can lead to additional wavefront aberrations and therefore to measurement errors. Additionally, conventional techniques are using phase shifting techniques for the evaluation of the interferograms. These techniques require at least three phase shifted interferograms which leads to a higher experimental and temporal effort. Digital Holography is an advanced optical diagnostic tool mainly used for surface deformation analysis, measurement of refractive index variations and particle analysis in transparent media: Holograms are stored electronically without any imaging optics and the reconstruction is performed by numerical methods. Due to the reconstruction process a numerical representation of the recorded wavefront can be evaluated including amplitude and phase from one hologram. In this paper Digital Holography as a measurement tool for the characterization of micro-optical components is presented, which has some advantageous properties with respect to other interferometric techniques. An analysis of the resolution of digital holography is performed in order to optimize the efficiency of this technique for the characterization of microlenses. The application of Digital Holography leads to a simple and robust measurement tool for shape measurement of microlenses which is demonstrated with two exemplary experiments characterising typical microlenses.
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Volker Kebbel, Hans-Juergen Hartmann, and Werner P. O. Jueptner "Characterization of micro-optics using digital holography", Proc. SPIE 4101, Laser Interferometry X: Techniques and Analysis, (7 March 2006);

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