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24 October 2000 Characterization of the phase separation of the E7 liquid crystal component mixtures in a thiol-ene-based polymer
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We have investigated the single components and binary component mixtures of the liquid crystal E7 in NOA65 and UV1 thiol-ene pre-polymers. E7 is composed of K15 (4-pentyl-4'- cyanobiphenyl), K21 (4-heptyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl), M24 (4- octyloxy-4'-cyanobiphenyl), and T15 (4-pentyl-4'- cyanoterphenyl). The single liquid crystal components and binary liquid crystal mixtures that were investigated include K15, K21, K15-K21, K15-M24, and K21-M24. The liquid crystal/pre-polymer phase diagrams were developed using thermally induced phase separation to determine the temperature of phase separation. Then, PDLC samples were prepared using photo-polymerization induced phase separation, and were polymerized at varying increments above the liquid crystal/pre-polymer phase separation temperature to determine how the morphology changes with the polymerization temperature, the liquid crystal component, and liquid crystal percentage. Polarized optical microscopy was used to determine the phase separation temperatures for the liquid crystal/pre- polymer samples and the nematic-to-isotropic transition temperatures for the PDLC samples. Laser light transmission measurements were performed to determine the electro-optic properties of the PDLC samples.
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Joe B. Whitehead Jr., Nicole L. Gill, and Casie Adams "Characterization of the phase separation of the E7 liquid crystal component mixtures in a thiol-ene-based polymer", Proc. SPIE 4107, Liquid Crystals IV, (24 October 2000);

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