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18 December 2000 Ultraviolet Italian Sky Surveyor (UVISS) on the International Space Station (ISS): study report
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A Mission into Hot Phenomena in the Universe is proposed by means of a small telescope of 50 cm aperture accommodated on the International Space Station. Two operating modes are envisaged: 3 angstrom dispersion imaging spectroscopy in the 90 - 320 nm range (1st priority) or wide field (1 degree) medium bandwidth imaging in the same range but Ly-(alpha) (2nd priority). It will use a pointing platform attached to an Express Pallet Adapter available to the Italian Space Agency (ASI) more than 4 - 6 months per year. During a life time of 6 yr focal plane instruments may be changed when on-ground refurbishment occurs. With reasonable exposure times hot thermal sources as faint as V equals 19 - 2 can be observed in the spectroscopy mode at 110 nm and active chromospheres on cool stars as faint as V equals 15 at 250 nm can be monitored. Assessment of FUV imaging is underway, possibly providing observations of hot sources as faint as V equals 21 - 22. Nominal uplift to ISS is set in Autumn 2005.
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