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1 May 2001 Nonlinear optical borate crystal Ba2B10O17
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Single crystals of the noncentrosymmetric barium borate, Ba2B10O17, have been grown by slowly cooling a stoichiometric melt.The material crystallizes in the triclinic space group P1 with cell parameters a equals 9.858(1), b equals 9.990(1), c equals 6.706(1) angstrom, (alpha) equals 96.79(1), (beta) equals 106.64(1), and (gamma) equals 76.89(1) degree(s). The structure is a new type characterized by a condensation of B3O8 rings and BO3 triangles. A calculation of the second-order nonlinear susceptibility coefficients on the basis of the orientations of the tetrahedral and triangular borate groups in the rings and triangles has yielded a maximum coefficient of d11 equals 0.2 pm/V. This result is consistent with the measured second- harmonic signal -- 0.5*KDP. Partial solid solubility of Sr in the host -- Ba2-xSrxB10O17 (0 < X
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Jennifer L. Stone-Sundberg, Douglas A. Keszler, Gerard Aka, Andree Kahn-Harari, and Thomas A. Reynolds "Nonlinear optical borate crystal Ba2B10O17", Proc. SPIE 4268, Growth, Fabrication, Devices, and Applications of Laser and Nonlinear Materials, (1 May 2001);

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