21 December 2000 Color appearance for photorealistic image synthesis
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Photorealistic Image Synthesis is a relevant research and application field in computer graphics, whose aim is to produce synthetic images that are undistinguishable from real ones. Photorealism is based upon accurate computational models of light material interaction, that allow us to compute the spectral intensity light field of a geometrically described scene. The fundamental methods are ray tracing and radiosity. While radiosity allows us to compute the diffuse component of the emitted and reflected light, applying ray tracing in a two pass solution we can also cope with non diffuse properties of the model surfaces. Both methods can be implemented to generate an accurate photometric distribution of light of the simulated environment. A still open problem is the visualization phase, whose purpose is to display the final result of the simulated mode on a monitor screen or on a printed paper. The tone reproduction problem consists of finding the best solution to compress the extended dynamic range of the computed light field into the limited range of the displayable colors. Recently some scholars have addressed this problem considering the perception stage of image formation, so including a model of the human visual system in the visualization process. In this paper we present a working hypothesis to solve the tone reproduction problem of synthetic image generation, integrating Retinex perception model into the photo realistic image synthesis context.
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Daniele Marini, Daniele Marini, Alessandro Rizzi, Alessandro Rizzi, Maurizio Rossi, Maurizio Rossi, } "Color appearance for photorealistic image synthesis", Proc. SPIE 4300, Color Imaging: Device-Independent Color, Color Hardcopy, and Graphic Arts VI, (21 December 2000); doi: 10.1117/12.410791; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.410791

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