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28 January 2002 Development of a high total radiation dose-resistant vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser driver with discrete COTS components
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Radiation tolerant fiber optic transmission links are desired for their potential use in future thermonuclear fusion reactors and other harsh radiation fields. As part of it, we design and test a radiation opto-electronic transmitter based on vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) and dedicated driver electronics consisting of discrete components. VCSELs have already demonstrated their high radiation acceptance level. We confirm this by on-line irradiation experiments on such devices up to 10 MGy total dose. For the design of the driver circuit, we rely on discrete commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) bipolar transistors. When the radiation induced degradation of these components is considered within the time design of the circuits, total dose levels larger than 1 MGy can be tolerated. The driver uses standard TTL input signals and delivers a forward current of 12 mA to a pigtailed 840 nm VCSEL. SPICE simulations show that the driver still delivers a sufficient forward current to the VCSEL, in spite of the radiation induced degradation of the Hfe and VCEsat values of the transistors. These simulations are verified by our experiments. At a total dose of 1 MGy, the measured decrease of the forward current is only about 8%. This induces an optical output power decrease that can still be tolerated with irradiated VCSELs, as shown by our experiments. We conclude that a high total dose hardened optical transmitter for use in nuclear instrumentation systems can be fabricated using discrete COTS bipolar transistors, COTS vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers and COTS optical fiber.
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Marco Van Uffelen, Kathleen Embrechts, Francis Berghmans, Simon Coenen, Marc C. Decreton, and Juergen Van Gorp "Development of a high total radiation dose-resistant vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser driver with discrete COTS components", Proc. SPIE 4547, Photonics for Space and Radiation Environments II, (28 January 2002);

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