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1 July 2002 Lithographic evaluation of the EUV engineering test stand
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Static and scanned images of 100 nm dense features were successfully obtained with a developmental set of projection optics and a 500W drive laser laser-produced-plasma (LPP) source in the Engineering Test Stand (ETS). The ETS, configured with POB1, has been used to understand system performance and acquire lithographic learning which will be used in the development of EUV high volume manufacturing tools. The printed static images for dense features below 100 nm with the improved LPP source are comparable to those obtained with the low power LPP source, while the exposure time was decreased by more than 30x. Image quality comparisons between the static and scanned images with the improved LPP source are also presented. Lithographic evaluation of the ETS includes flare and contrast measurements. By using a resist clearing method, the flare and aerial image contrast of POB1 have been measured, and the results have been compared to analytical calculations and computer simulations.
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