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8 November 2002 Dual Etalon Cross Tilt Order Sorted Spectrometer (DECTOSS)
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The Dual Etalon Cross Tilt Order Sorted Spectrometer (DECTOSS) uses relatively inexpensive off the shelf components in a small and simple package to provide ultra high spectral resolution over a limited spectral range. For example, the modest first try laboratory test setup DECTOSS we describe in this presentation achieves resolving power ~ 105 on a spectral range of about 1 nm centered near 760 nm. This ultra high spectral resolution facilitates some important atmospheric remote sensing applications including profiling cirrus and/or aerosol above bright reflective surfaces in the O2 A-band and the column measurements of CO and CO2 utilizing solar reflectance spectra. We show details of the how the use of ultra high spectral resolution in the O2 A-band improves the profiling of cirrus and aerosol. The DECTOSS utilizes a Narrow Band Spectral Filter (NBSF), a Low Resolution Etalon (LRE) and a High Resolution Etalon (HRE). Light passing through these elements is focused on to a 2 Dimensional Array Detector (2DAD). Off the shelf, solid etalons with airgap or solid spacer gap are used in this application. In its simplest application this setup utilizes a spatially uniform extended source so that spatial and spectral structure are not confused. In this presentation we'll show 2D spectral data obtained in a desktop test configuration, and in the first try laboratory test setup. These were obtained by illuminating a Lambertian screen with (1) monochromatic light, and (2) with atmospheric absorption spectra in the oxygen (O2) A-band. Extracting the 1D spectra from these data is a work in progress and we show preliminary results compared with (1) solar absorption data obtained with a large Echelle grating spectrometer, and (2) theoretical spectra. We point out areas for improvement in our laboratory test setup, and general improvements in spectral range and sensitivity that are planned for our next generation field test setup.
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John B. Kumer, Richard L. Rairden, Keith E. Mitchell, Aidan E. Roche, and John L. Mergenthaler "Dual Etalon Cross Tilt Order Sorted Spectrometer (DECTOSS)", Proc. SPIE 4816, Imaging Spectrometry VIII, (8 November 2002);

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