24 December 2002 Wide-Field Surveys from the SNAP Mission
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The Supernova / Acceleration Probe (SNAP) is a proposed space-borne observatory that will survey the sky with a wide-field optical/near-infrared (NIR) imager. The images produced by SNAP will have an unprecedented combination of depth, solid-angle, angular resolution, and temporal sampling. For 16 months each, two 7.5 square-degree fields will be observed every four days to a magnitude depth of AB=27.7 in each of the SNAP filters, spanning 3500-17000Å. Co-adding images over all epochs will give AB=30.3 per filter. In addition, a 300 square-degree field will be surveyed to AB=28 per filter, with no repeated temporal sampling. Although the survey strategy is tailored for supernova and weak gravitational lensing observations, the resulting data will support a broad range of auxiliary science programs.
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Alex G. Kim, Carl W. Akerlof, Greg Aldering, R. Amanullah, Pierre Astier, E. Barrelet, Christopher Bebek, Lars Bergstrom, J. Bercovitz, Gary M. Bernstein, M. Bester, A. Bonissent, C. Bower, William C. Carithers, Eugene D. Commins, C. Day, Susana E. Deustua, R. DiGennaro, A. Ealet, Richard S. Ellis, M. Eriksson, Andrew Fruchter, Jean-Francois Genat, Gerson Goldhaber, Ariel Goobar, Donald E. Groom, Stewart E. Harris, Peter R. Harvey, Henry D. Heetderks, Steven E. Holland, Dragan Huterer, Armin Karcher, William F. Kolbe, B. Krieger, Robin E. Lafever, J. Lamoureux, Michael L. Lampton, Michael E. Levi, Daniel S. Levin, Eric V. Linder, Stewart C. Loken, Roger Malina, R. Massey, Timothy McKay, Shawn P. McKee, Ramon Miquel, E. Mortsell, N. Mostek, Stuart Mufson, J. A. Musser, Peter E. Nugent, Hakeem M. Oluseyi, Reynald Pain, Nicholas P. Palaio, David H. Pankow, Saul Perlmutter, R. Pratt, Eric Prieto, Alexandre Refregier, Jason Rhodes, Kem Edward Robinson, N. Roe, Michael Sholl, Michael S. Schubnell, G. Smadja, George F. Smoot, Anthony Spadafora, Gregory Tarle, Andrew D. Tomasch, H. von der Lippe, D. Vincent, J.-P. Walder, Guobin Wang, "Wide-Field Surveys from the SNAP Mission", Proc. SPIE 4836, Survey and Other Telescope Technologies and Discoveries, (24 December 2002); doi: 10.1117/12.457953; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.457953


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