7 February 2003 First-light adaptive optics system for large binocular telescope
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The paper describes the design of the single conjugate Adaptive Optics system to be installed on the LBT telescope. This system will be located in the Acquisition, Guiding and Wavefront sensor unit (AGW) mounted at the front bent Gregorian focus of LBT. Two innovative key features of this system are the Adaptive Secondary Mirror and the Pyramid Wavefront Sensor. The secondary provides 672 actuators wavefront correction available at the various foci of LBT. Due to the adaptive secondary mirror there is no need to optically conjugate the pupil on the deformable mirror. This allows having a very short sensor optical path made up using small dimension refractive optics. The overall AO system has a transmission of 70 % and fits in a rectangle of about 400×320mm. The pyramid sensor allows having different pupil sampling using on-chip binning of the detector. Main pupil samplings for the LBT system are 30×30, 15×15 and 10×10. Reference star acquisition is obtained moving the wavefront sensor unit in a field of view of 3×2 arcmin. Computer simulations of the overall system performance show the good correction achievable in J, H, and K. In particular, in our configuration, the limiting magnitude of pyramid sensor results more than one magnitude fainter with respect to Shack- Hartmann sensor. This feature directly translates in an increased sky coverage that is, in K band, about doubled with respect to the same AO system using a Shack-Hartmann sensor.
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Simone Esposito, Simone Esposito, Andrea Tozzi, Andrea Tozzi, Debora Ferruzzi, Debora Ferruzzi, Marcel Carbillet, Marcel Carbillet, Armando Riccardi, Armando Riccardi, Luca Fini, Luca Fini, Christophe Verinaud, Christophe Verinaud, Matteo Accardo, Matteo Accardo, Guido Brusa, Guido Brusa, Daniele Gallieni, Daniele Gallieni, Roberto Biasi, Roberto Biasi, Carlo Baffa, Carlo Baffa, Valdemaro Biliotti, Valdemaro Biliotti, Italo Foppiani, Italo Foppiani, Alfio Puglisi, Alfio Puglisi, Roberto Ragazzoni, Roberto Ragazzoni, Piero Ranfagni, Piero Ranfagni, Paolo Stefanini, Paolo Stefanini, Piero Salinari, Piero Salinari, Walter Seifert, Walter Seifert, Jesper Storm, Jesper Storm, } "First-light adaptive optics system for large binocular telescope", Proc. SPIE 4839, Adaptive Optical System Technologies II, (7 February 2003); doi: 10.1117/12.458866; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.458866

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