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5 March 2003 Wavefront control testbed integrated software system
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The Wavefront Control Testbed (WCT) is used to demonstrate the wavefront sensing and control algorithms and procedures that will be used on the Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST). The Segmented Telescope Control Software, written in MATLAB®, is the primary development and operational tool used. The software has an extensive graphical user interface that allows the user to interact with the hardware and algorithms. A variety of additional software programs support the Segmented Telescope Control Software (STCS). Various hardware control software interacts with MATLAB via TCP/IP connections. When access to the hardware is unnecessary or undesirable, we can access the model server that simulates the system. A stand-alone safety monitoring LabVIEW program alerts technicians if a hardware failure occurs. A C program gives the operator a graphical way of monitoring the network connections to the various systems. An Interactive Data Language (IDL) data archiving routine creates a database to monitor and maintain the testbed data and executes the MATLAB to Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) translator. Additionally we have implemented a web-based bug tracking and plan to add experiment scheduling and a document archive. Due to the nature of the testbed, these software programs are constantly evolving, causing a variety of challenges over the years. This poster will describe these software elements and the issues that have arisen trying to use them together.
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