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11 March 2003 X-ray imaging spectrometer (XIS) on board Astro-E2
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We report on design updates for the XIS (X-ray Imaging Spectrometer) on-board the Astro-E2 satellite. Astro-E2 is a recovery mission of Astro-E, which was lost during launch in 2000. Astro-E2 carries a total of 5 X-ray telescopes, 4 of which have XIS sensors as their focal plane detectors. Each XIS CCD camera covers a field of view of 19×19 arcmin in the energy range of 0.4-12 keV. The design of the Astro-E2 XIS is basically the same as that for Astro-E, but some improvements will be implemented. These are (1) CCD charge injection capability, (2) a revised heat-sink assembly, and (3) addition of a 55Fe radio-isotope on the door. Charge injection may be used to compensate for and calibrate radiation-induced degradation of the CCD charge transfer efficiency. This degradation is expected to become significant after a few year's operation in space. The new heat-sink assembly is expected to increase the mechanical reliability and cooling capability of the XIS sensor. The new radio-isotope on the door will provide better calibration data. We present details of these improvements and summarize the overall design of the XIS.
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