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11 March 2003 XEUS: the x-ray evolving universe spectroscopy mission
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XEUS is under study by ESA as part of the Horizon 2000+ program to utilize the International Space Station (ISS) for astronomical applications. XEUS will be a long-term x-ray observatory with an initial mirror area of 6 m2 at 1 keV that will be expanded to 30 m2 following a visit to the ISS. The 1 keV spatial resolution is expected to be 2-5" half-energy-width. XEUS will consist of separate detector and mirror spacecraft aligned by active control to provide a focal length of 50 m. A new detector spacecraft, complete with the next generation of instruments, will also be added after visiting the ISS. The limiting sensitivity will then be 4×10-18 erg cm-2s-1, around 200 times better than XMM-Newton, allowing XEUS to study the properties of the hot baryons and dark matter at high redshift.
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