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29 July 2003 Near-infrared spectroscopy of the human brain during electroconvulsive therapy
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We report non-invasive, bilateral measurements of cerebral oxygenation performed with near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) on ten patients undergoing right unilateral electro-convulsive therapy (ECT). Right unilateral ECT consists of delivering an electrical current through the right brain hemisphere to induce a seizure, which is associated with significant changes in systemic and regional physiological parameters. In this work, we have examined the regional cerebral oxygenation (StO2) measured with NIRS on the right and left sides of the frontal brain region, and the systemic arterial oxygenation (SaO2) measured with pulse oximetry. On the ten patients examined, we have found that the decrease in the cerebral oxygenation on the side ipsilateral to the ECT electrical discharge (ΔStO2(ipsi)) is consistently stronger than the decrease on the contralateral side (ΔStO2(contra)). The average and standard deviation for the ipsilateral and contralateral oxygenation changes across the ten patients are ΔStO2(ipsi) = -22 ± 10% and ΔStO2(contra) = -6 ± 10%, respectively. By contrast, we observed two distinct behaviors in the arterial saturation; in five patients, SaO2 did not significantly change during the ECT procedure, and in three patients, SaO2 decreased by -16± 6%, an intermediate value with respect to the changes observed in StO2(ipsi) and StO2(contra) (we do not have the SaO2 recording in the remaining two patients for technical reasons). These results indicate that NIRS monitoring of the cerebral oxygenation during ECT has the potential of being a valuable addition to the standard monitoring of arterial saturation with pulse oximetry.
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Sergio Fantini, Francesco Fabbri, Shalini Nadgir, Michael E. Henry, Perry F. Renshaw, and Maria-Angela Franceschini "Near-infrared spectroscopy of the human brain during electroconvulsive therapy", Proc. SPIE 4955, Optical Tomography and Spectroscopy of Tissue V, (29 July 2003);

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