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28 May 2003 Automatic center location of non-eyed typhoon in satellite cloud image
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Typhoon can be classified into two classes: eyed typhoon and non-eyed typhoon. The center of a non-eyed typhoon with good circularity is the geometric center of the cloud system and the center of a non-eyed typhoon with bad circularity can be located in the high grayness value area near the side of the greater grayness gradient sector. A new mathematical morphology-based algorithm is proposed to automatically achieve the center location of a non-eyed typhoon. Multispectral image fusion of infrared spectrum and water vapor spectrum is used to verify the result of locating the typhoon center. For a given infrared satellite cloud image, the locating steps are as followed: a) noises removing, b) main cloud systems segmenting, c) center locating and d) multispectral image fusion verification. The experimental results show that the algorithm locates the centers of most non-eyed typhoons successfully.
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Zhengguang Liu, Haiming Qiu, Bing Wu, and Gary Guixiong Shen "Automatic center location of non-eyed typhoon in satellite cloud image", Proc. SPIE 5014, Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems II, (28 May 2003); doi: 10.1117/12.473057;

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